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€1.5 million for Sawayo - seed round successfully closed

Sawayo receives seed funding totaling €1.5 million and thus takes a major milestone on its way of becoming the leading platform for compliance management in SMEs. We are full of gratitude for the trust placed in us and proud of what we have achieved.

Sawayo founders signing seed round contracts
Contract signing in Schwerin

A platform for digital business management

The year 2020, challenging in so many ways, ends for Sawayo with the closing of a strong seed round totaling 1.5 million euros. With the help of our new partners, we can now move full steam ahead on our journey to become the leading European compliance management platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. We convert laws into algorithms.

We are very proud to welcome a consortium of business angels and the Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to our team and #unsuckCompliance together.

What sets us apart?

Sawayo is personal. We focus on entrepreneurs, managing directors and owners, i.e. bearers of responsibility and risks. We want entrepreneurs to focus on the design and development of their projects. In doing so, we keep their backs free by simplifying legally required tasks in areas such as occupational safety, data protection, working time recording and health prevention with the help of digital tools.

Sawayo is tailored to the reality of small businesses. Working with our pilot users, we have learned what really matters in practice. Even the digital natives among SMEs don't want specialized software for every sub-problem, but a one-stop solution for all the regulatory requirements they face. A solution that integrates well with existing systems and that brings together all the necessary expert knowledge in one interface. That eradicates the time consuming administrative tasks out of the equation and brings back Jedi focus for business matters.

Sawayo was born out of small business practice. Our team combines over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience from different industries and lifestyles - both digital and traditional business sectors. That's what makes us strong. That's what sets us apart.

Sawayo is a response to the new reality of 2020/21

Based on our belief that entrepreneurship can be fueled by using digital tools, we founded Sawayo. Like so many, we did not anticipate that a new kind of virus would not only threaten the health and lives of many, but also shake up the very foundations of economic life and create a mood of worry and hesitation.

Countless companies were driven with unprecedented pressure to suddenly deal with short-time work, home office, hygiene concepts and ever changing legal situations. At the beginning of 2020, our focus was on DGUV regulations and occupational safety. However, the Corona pandemic prompted us to evolve into a holistic tool for leading and managing distributed teams, whether in home office, on assembly, in the field or in the office. Personnel administration, absence management, vacation planning, time tracking and document management - all from a single source in an easy-to-use interface.

During the ongoing software development, we have fundamentally rebuilt our product. Our industry colleagues can probably relate how nerve wrecking this is. The fact that the Sawayo platform has now reached the necessary maturity for market launch and is already in use in a number of companies makes us send out a tremendous thanks to our great team and our patient pilot partners. Thank you so much for the outstanding collaboration!

What do we plan to do with the fresh capital?

Our product has many challenging development steps ahead to make our value proposition even more attractive to entrepreneurs. New features and partnerships will enrich the Sawayo platform. Some are already in the pipeline - it's worth following us. We are giving everything to make everyday life easier for entrepreneurs with our platform and are really happy to see our growing customer base.

We are currently expanding our talented team and strengthening ourselves with further creative minds. For all this, it was necessary to raise external capital.

Rostock is our homebase, but our horizon goes further. First, it is the famous German bureaucracy and regulation that we tackle. For later, the harmonized European legal and economic area provides the basis for our ambitions. We look forward to an exciting future!

Sawayo founders together with Jens Körtge (MBMV) after signing the contract
Sawayo founders together with Jens Körtge (MBMV) after signing the contract

Interested? Learn more about Sawayo!

Take a look at our website. We would love to see you joining us on our way to becoming Europe's leading platform for compliance management in SMEs. Regardless of our job postings, we welcome any ambitious minds, so feel free to get in touch. More about SawaYou

Published on February 25 2021

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